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Since 1995, Hawaiian Islands Tea has been on a mission to produce the the world’s most fragrant and flavorful tropical teas. We blend, flavor and package all our teas here, in Hawaii. Blended with exotic tropical fruit flavors, our premium quality tea leaves create fragrant and flavorful tropical tea. Brew our tropical teas individually, or create your own wonderful tropical blends by mixing flavors together.



Tea Brewing Tips

Brewing an awesome cup of tea is more than just steep time. Learn the 4 things that affect the taste of your tea. Enjoy!

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Coconut Macnut is my all time favorite tea. Mahalo for making a Texas Iced tea drinker happy.

LaLeña Hart

OMG!!! I went to Kauai and found the tea of my dreams. I’m placing an order.
Must. Not. Run. Out.

Lova R.

This tea is amazing!

There’s nothing more to say other than that! I love it :)

Tasha H.

Love love love it! I drank a few cups of the hibiscus honey lemon and fell in love :)

Gretchen H.

I simply love your tea ♥

Pietro Ridolfi

Passionfruit Napali … yum!

Lydia D.

Wonderful tea, both hot and cold

Teresa R.

Mango Tea — I needed that!!!!

Brenda Carroll

I love Mango Maui black tea…a friend went to Hawaii and gave me a few of his….looks like I have to order my own now! I crave it!

Rox Mathie

I love the Passion Fruit tea. I feel in love w/it when I was in Hawaii in 2005…

Jean M

I just experienced coco-macadamia flavor and it tasted aaamazingly good!

Mikiko Yatsuhashi

The best tea EVER! Just got back from Hawaii and now I’m addicted to your tea!

Christa B.

As I look out my window and watch the snow come down with yet another blizzard, there are two things getting me through: sipping Mango Maui tea from Hawaiian Islands Tea and the music of John Keawe.

Stephen Halas

I am addicted to the Maui Mango since I visited Oahu in February.

Got my order the other day just as I used the last bag I brought home.

Pure Bliss in a cup :)

Diana Kuenzli

I just received my tea order (4 pineapple/1 mango)…Thank You :-) Mentioned how much I ♥ your pineapple tea and 2 friends just placed orders for pineapple & strawberry lychee 😉 You’re welcome B-)

Kellie Muse

When I went to the Big Island for my niece’s wedding,I got to try the Maui Mango for the first time and now I am enjoying it right now.LOVE IT!! ♥ Now I need to try the other flavors.

Perline Agudo