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Creating Our Tea

The Process of Creating Tea

tea-process-BulkTeaThe first step in tea processing and production for our tropical teas is the selection of ingredients.

We believe there simply is no substitute for top quality ingredients, so we use only the finest quality tea leaves (Camellia sinensis), herbs such as Rooibos (Aspalathus lineaeris), and flowers such as Hibiscus.

The select tea leaves we use have a long tradition and some varietals have been recognized for more than one hundred years. We then blend, flavor and package all our teas right here, in Hawaii.


tea-process-TeaLabGreat care is taken in our tea lab to determine the best match of teas, herbs and flowers.

Just as a wine connoisseur has learned which wines to pair with which foods to bring our the best flavors, our expertise is pairing tropical fruit with tea leaves. The selected tea blends are carefully infused with tropical flavoring of various strengths and aromas.


tea-process-TeaToteA popular method of flavoring tea leaves is to use top quality (food grade) essential oil based liquid flavor. The flavors are mixed into the tea leaves, often in a blending machine. The flavored tea blend is then sealed in a tight container for a minimum of 24 hours to allow full absorption of the flavoring.

Blended with our exotic tropical fruit flavors, our premium quality tea leaves create fragrant and very flavorful tropical teas. Before packaging, each batch of tea is brewed, cupped and evaluated.

Our tropical tea blends are then ready for immediate bagging and packaging.


tea-process-TeaBaggingMachineAfter a tropical tea has been processed and sealed for a minimum of 24 hours, it is finally ready to be packaged into tea bags. Our tea bagging machine places exactly 2 grams of tropical tea in each tea bag; a string and tag are also attached.

The final step in tea bag production is to place each tea bag in a heat sealed envelope. These sealed tea bags have a “freshness” shelf life of one year. Beyond one year the tea is still good, if properly stored, but the tropical flavor may diminish in strength.


tea-process-Tea-PackagingOur tropical teas are placed in our colorful Hawaiian Islands Tea Company boxes, which are distinctive for their original tropical artwork. Each tea box contains 20 sealed tea bags. The tea boxes are contained with a heat sealed over-wrap to prevent tampering and ensure that you enjoy the freshest cup of tea humanly possible.

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